Posted by: Yury Pritzker | April 6, 2009

Kathmandu, April 4

Today was another day in Kathmandu. I went to the tourist shopping district. Streets are narrow and both sides of the streets are lined with small stores. Every third store sells climbing and trekking equipment. All famous brands are present – North Face, Mountain Hardwear, etc – all made in Katmandu – all are fake but very good quality. I could not contain myself and bought nice balaclava.

The streets are full of people, bikes, and cars. It is now clear why people have to stay in Kathmandu for some time before they go to Everest. It is a test. If you survive traffic on the streets of this city and don’t get killed or get a heart attack – you are ready to go.

I came back to the hotel and spent 1 hour on treadmill.

We have had our fist team meeting today at the Asian Trekking office. Dawa Steven  Sherpa – our Expedition Leader discussed multiple topics related to our expedition. Then we had a presentation by Ted Atkins, who is inventor of the TOPOUT oxygen masks that we are going to use. It was very entertaining and interesting. Dinner was served and we drank to a successful and safe expedition.

Here’s a picture from our dinner:
Dinner in Kathmandu

Upper row from the left:

Henry Voigt – Germany, Nic Cunningham – USA, Dawa Steven Sherpa- expedition lider, Mogens Jensen, the guy who you have seen on the discovery channel series for 2 years, he is an asthmatic who is trying too reach the top without supplemental oxygen. He already summited Everest with oxygen.

Second row from the left: Yury Pritzker –USA, Pertemba Sherpa – our Base camp manger – 3 times Everest summiter, Jesse Easterung –USA

Sitting: Apa Sherpa – 18 times Everest summiter (world record) – lead climbing sherpa Bud Alen – USA, Bill Burke –USA


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