Posted by: Yury Pritzker | April 6, 2009

Waiting for weather

Dear friends,

We are still in Kathmandu. After 7 hours at the airport and two attempts to fly out (the second up to the runway), we are back at the hotel.  The weather in Lukla  is bad and all expeditions are waiting, some already for 4 days. But we are hope to fly out  tomorrow.

We are all taking it easy, this is what  is expected from a such expedition, patience is a key here.

I just talked to Lana, she is very well, reached Base Camp today – the biggest and most famous base camp. It is a great achievement! When I was talking to her it was snowing at the Base Camp. If the weather is good in the morning they are scheduled to climb Kala Patar – a summit that is higher then the base camp and has a very nice view on the Everest and surroundings.

I am a little tired from the early start today – going to bed. That’s all for now.


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