Posted by: Yury Pritzker | April 16, 2009

Updates 4/9 – 4/14

Apologies for lack of posts, we’ve been having some communication difficulties with our Everest team 🙂 But everything is going great! Yury called to say that he feels great. They are having a rest day, and tomorrow they will reach basecamp. He feels relaxed and his pulse at 65. How many people have such a great pulse even at this altitude? 🙂

Following are some emails I got from Yury lumped together for the past days…


We have landed in Lukla yesterday around 5:30pm. Our patience was rewarded. Most of the teams left the airport, but we were determined to stay as long as it takes. The landing strip in Lukla is amazing. It goes up at a 10-15 degree angle and we landed uphill. It was much colder here because of the 2800m altitude. We spend the night in the loge nearby.

Today was our first day of trekking. The Khumbu valley is beautiful with houses spread all over the valley and green terraces. We hiked for 3 hours today and actually lost 200 m of altitude.

I talked to Sveta yesterday, They not only reached Everest Base camp at 5300m but also climbed Kala Patar 5500m. The evening before was snowing and her way up to Kala Patar was all on snow. She sad that she was making 5 steps and then resting. I am so proud of what she has done. It is probably the most difficult hiking trek in the world considering altitude and length of the trip.

Tomorrow we are going to Numche Bazar and most likely will meet with Sveta.


We continue to toward Numche today. The first part of the trek was along the river crossing multiple bridges. After lunch we came to the spot where the trek goes pretty steep up and gains 800 m (2600ft) of altitude. It usaly takes 2.5, 3 h to get up to Numche. Henry started the race by going very fast. I have decided to follow him. We were slowed down multiple times were the trail is too narrow and it was impossible to bypass porters or animals caring loads.

I could not keep up with Henry at the end. My time to Numche was 1.5hours and his was probably 10 min less. I feel great even though at the end I was a little tired. Numche is an amazing place, it is a city carved out on the narrow cirques. All buildings are build out of light stones that are manually cut somewhere nearby.

As soon as we reached the lodge it start raining and then snowing hard. Sveta came only after 3 and it so nice to see her. It was like a miracle that we have met in such moment and such circumstances were she just completed a very hard hike to the Base Camp and I was going up there. We went shopping and talked until 10:30. She told me all about her heroic journey under very difficult circumstances.


Sveta left this morning for Lukla and we started on the normal Base camp trek to the Apa Sherpa lodge which is in the village of Thame. The day is beautiful and sunny, and after the snowfall last night all around us is shining. Today is the real first day when we start seeing mighty mountains around us. They are so are beautiful in the fresh sunlight and they are only 6000-6500m peaks. It took us 4.5 h to get to Thame. Apa Sherpa’s lodge is very nice. It has a lot insignia of him reaching Everest 18 times. He and his wife welcomed us and we are having a great time.

Altitude here is 3800m – 12300ft, I am feeling great.

Editor’s Note
You can read the official Eco-Everest blogs for the past few days here:

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