Posted by: Yury Pritzker | April 17, 2009

Updates 4/13 and 4/16


Today we have a rest day in Dingboche. It is 4300m. we are higher than the
treeline. For exercize I went to the hill near by and climbed up to

Feeling good. It is a little cold here but most of the cold comes from
altitude so  I am  wearing many layers. Using warm bottles before going
to bed. The cold will pass as soon as soon as the body gets adapted to the altitude.

The plan is to go to Lobuche 4900m tomorrow and also spend two days
there. After that – Base Camp. The rumor is that the Ice fall is fixed
and after the Puga ceremony and a couple days of rest we will be ready to test it.
We saw Everest for the first time yesterday from Tengboche. It was so far and high…

For the last two days we are going around Ama Dablan – seeing its beauty.

All around us is amazing.


We are in Lobuche, 4900m – rest day. My oxygen saturation this morning
was 86, pulse 65. It is good considering the altitude.  All the rooms on the way
here  are two person rooms.  My room mate is Henry. He is from Germany.
He’s a very good fellow and we are getting along very well. He is a very strong
climber, runs in front of everyone. He already climbed one 8000m peak –
Cho Oyu  solo on the last day.

We wil be in base camp tomorrow. I am looking forward to see this famous

I’m not writing what is happening day to day as our leader Dawa Steven
Sherpa is keeping a blog (editor’s note: I’ve linked to it in the past posts, here it is again:

You can also follow the blog of Bill Burke here:



  1. Karlovich
    good luck!!!

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