Posted by: Yury Pritzker | April 19, 2009

Update 4/19

Another day at base camp. This morning we went for acclimatization to Pumori Base Camp and then climbed to 5500m. All the exercise took a little more then 3h.

Apa Sherpa finally joined us. It is such an honor to sit with him at the same table and talk to him at any time. People often recognize him and
ask to take pictures with him.

This afternoon we have a training going thought ladders and other ice
fall techniques — it was fun. Dawa Steven announced the climbing schedule:

20 – Puja ceremony
22 – climbing to camp one through ice fall and coming back the same day
23 – rest
24 – Camp 1 sleep there
25 – Climb to Camp 2 and back to base camp, possibly stay a night at Camp 1

After that we rest for 3-4 dys and will go to on the last acclimatization trip:

Base camp – Camp 2 directly,
Stay at Camp 2 for – 3 nights
Go to Camp 3 – sleep there
Back to BC

I am feeling good. Slept the well last night, better then the previous
night. The temperature at night in the tent is -6C, but I keep both doors
partially open to increase ventilation

You can listen to Bill Burke’s audio commentary for 4/19 here:


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