Posted by: Yury Pritzker | April 21, 2009

Update 4/21

Today 2 members of our team had to go to camp 1. Usually people leave at 4am. Some are leaving even earlier to avoid sun on the ice fall. However everyone came back because one ladder on the ice fall moved and it woud reqire ice doctors ( Sherpas that support the ice fall) to fix it. Everyone came down and it there was a lot of noise and it looks like people had a good time at 5am.

Some of us (me included) went for a 3h walk to 5500m where there was a very nice view of the Lhotse face where our camp 3 would be located.

Our plans changed a little. Tomorrow I am going to Camp 1 and will sleep there. If I feel good I will either go for camp 2 or will spend another night at camp 1

Will call try to call form camp 1 but not sure if it will work. I am not taking my laptop so, there will be no emails.


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