Posted by: Yury Pritzker | April 24, 2009

Update from Camp 2

Yury called today, it was my first time talking to him directly and I was surprised at how good the satellite reception actually was. A couple times the connection cut out and was a little muffled but by the end of the conversation I was hearing him very clearly.

On the 21st they made their first ascent over the ice flow, leaving at 4am and climbing for 5 hours, it was quite difficult. They spent one night at Camp 1 and then made their way to Camp 2 to acclimatize. Breathing is difficult at this altitude. Even lying in the tent, I could hear him breathing heavily while talking to me. He says the views are beautiful all around and all the mountains feel very close.

They will spend two more days at Camp 2, then return to base camp for several days of rest. There will not be any emails for two days until they return to base camp.

Meanwhile, read about the Eco Everest expedeition’s trash collection efforts here:


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