Posted by: Yury Pritzker | April 29, 2009

New Update from BC

Another day in BC. The plan is to go up this friday but now we have a forecast that it will be snowing on the weekend and we will wait to see if we need to spend the day here.

Today I decided to reorganize and clean my one bedroom apartment. I vacuum cleaned the floor from the down that floats everywhere and organized my furniture in a more optimal manner. As you might imagine as in any good apartment, I do have a front and back door.

Both doors have vestibules and I do use them. My back door vestibule contains one duffle bag where I keep some food that I brought here. I am not using it a lot here – only some Isagenix shakes. The front vestibule has another bag that contains useless stuff that I do not need.

From the furniture perspective I have only two other pieces: one small nylon bag were I keep only clean (less then 10 days of use) clothes and one big bag that has some useful but not frequently used stuff. I organized my shoe shelf at the front door on the right and my electronics at the left deep corner. After all this work was done I stopped, lookded at it, and decided that it was good.

My entertainment so far has been Prison Break, a show that I already finished two seasons of – around 40 episodes. Very interesting. I am watching it when I go to bed at night for 1.5-2 hours or until my hand holding the player is getting frozen. Sveta’s player that I borrowed for this purpose is working magically and sometimes I keep forgetting were I am. Sometimes I find myself thinking very hard of nothing for a long time. I think that they call it being in the moment.

During the day it is getting pretty warm here at BC, and the glacier we are sitting on is melting. The tent platforms that are built are getting higher and higher relatively to the uneven surface of the glacier. Some edges of the tent start hanging over small cliffs and water is forming puddles in between tents. During the night when it’s quiet I can hear some loud pops (like shouts) that come from the glacier – summer is coming. Over time, the desire to take a shower every day diminishes. I think I lost some wight but it is not a scientific fact yet.

I am drinking from 4-6 liters of liquid a day – not sure that this is enough. I assume that I produce the same or almost the same amount of liquid myself but this is not a scientific fact yet. Sometimes during the day or at night we can hear ice avalanches goes around, but it is normal in the mountains. Sometimes conversation during our meals gets very entertaining and it is quieted down when a single female member of the team is present – not climbing. When the sun goes down in the evening it gets pretty cold here and we gather around our small gas furnace..

Want more?

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