Posted by: Yury Pritzker | May 4, 2009

Update 5/2

This morning at 9:30 am we had a big ice avalanche coming from the west shoulder of Everest covering the Ice Fall. It was so big that the base camp got some snow from it. We were at the dining tent eating and talking when it happened. We all got out to see it, then I went to my tent to pick up the camera and start shooting the video.

Fortunately it was mostly mist from the ice falling from the hanging glacier of the west shoulder. Everyone was worried about people on the ice fall because it is usualy the time when people come back to BC from upper camps. These avalanches happen frequently but this morning it was significantly bigger.

Henry and Krishna came back today. Henry came back from spending the night at Camp 3 after 2 nights at Camp 2. He looks very tired and looks like he lost a lot of weight. It was his first rotation and he went to Camp 3 which is really unusual.

If the weather in the morning is not bad I am leaving for my second acclimatization rotation tomorrow. The plan is:

Sunday – go straight to camp 2
Monday – rest day at camp 2
Tuesday – climb to camp 3 and possibly sleep there, maybe not, depending on weather and my condition
Wednesday – go back to camp 2 or maybe to BC


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