Posted by: Yury Pritzker | May 10, 2009

Update from Pheriche

Yesterday we left the Base camp to go down to Pheriche at 4200m for the final rest before our summit bid. This is pretty much standard procedure.

There are 4 of us, and we are accompanied by Apa Sherpa – the world record holder of 18 Everest Summits. His role is to make sure that we are ok, and he is watching us like a good shepherd. We are taking his presence for granted, we can talk to him any time – hear his stories from his previous expeditions and the people he was climbing with. He is a living legend here and people stop him and take pictures with him frequently when they recognize him.

It took us almost 7 h to get down, including lunch and tea break. It was
very cold, cloudy, and windy almost all the way down. I thought that I would be weak and tired after coming back from c3 to c2 and then to BC on the 2 previous days, but I felt strong and was moving fast. Here, at 4200m, there are some tiny flowers growing and the air is thick and rich.

We are staying in the newly built Himalayan hotel. It is very nice – has a flushing toilet – something I have not seen for 6 weeks. I took a shower (hot water) finally that officially completed my second rotation 🙂

Dinner was nice and I felt very good sitting there in the warmth of the hotel, seeing people eating and talking. It has been 3 weeks since we came to base camp. The only one part was missing that I do not have my loved ones here with me. But I felt their presence any way – maybe this is why I was so completely happy.

We are doing nothing today. I watched 3 episodes of Prison Break before lunch and now am preparing this update. There are 3 more members of the team coming down here today. Will Cross left the team and decided to go and climb Cho Oyo instead – he already climbed Everest before.

My plan is to continue doing nothing for another day and then slowly (in 2 days) return to the BC, staying the night in Lobuche.

Thanks to everyone who is writing to me and thinking about me. It gives me strength and connections to the normal world.

[ed note: remember to reach Yury please email ypritzke AT gmail DOT com]


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