Posted by: Yury Pritzker | May 15, 2009

Up the Base Camp

Today Yura called with a short update. We are waiting for a full report he promised to send soon.

Periche days are over and the group went up to the Base Camp again. The weather is really bad and the two days trekking up the camp was not so easy even though Yura was still ahead of the most climbers.

It has been a long time since the expedition started. The recent events on the mountain, the bad weather factor and the living conditions at the high altitude often affect the fine balance between being in prime form and ready to climb and the need to hold back. Yura said that he is feeling much better now when they are on the move again.  His appetite is back and his blood oxygenation level is high.

The plans now are to stay in the Base Camp until May 17th or 18 th and begind the final assend if the weather will allow the group to move further up. The forecast looks better these days, so we all hold a strong vision for his successful summit and and wellbeing.

Being a mountain climber is about both: climbing and being patient. Yura’s continues effort, the strength and his courage to continue his trip under the hardest conditions of the 2nd – the 3rd camps and during the avalanche events makes us proud of each and every one of his Personal Peaks. No matter how the weather will play its role in this journey, he already achieved many Personal Summits on his trip and this is what matters more then any “publicly” recognized achievement.


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