Posted by: Yury Pritzker | May 18, 2009

5/17/2009 Yura is Heading to the Summit

The last time I had Yura’s news, he’s reported that he was doing really well and after eating Isagenix shake and double brekfast all at once he was going to leave his computer at the BC and head for the Summit push.

I have just received the  news that the weather looks good and the group is actually moving on according to their schedule. Yura’s expedition was split in two smaller groups and he ‘s gotten into the first group along with  Nic, Bud, Henry, Krushnaa accompanied by Phurba, Puchhanga, Tenzing Dorje, Thukten Dorje, Gyalu, Pemba Tenjing and Nima Kanchha Sherpas.

Their group left at 4 am yesterday (they are a day ahead of us) and are now settled at Camp 2 for a day of rest before climbing to camp three, camp four and Summit. Yura is very fortunate to have the legendary Everest climber Apa Sherpa leading his team to Everest summit on the 21st! May they be blessed with a great weather, courage and our love!  There is Yura’s latest photo at the bottom of the Asian Trekking update for 5/17.


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