Posted by: Yury Pritzker | May 19, 2009

5/19/09 Camp 3 and 4

Yura called today from the camp 3 right before going to sleep. He was tired, but sounded strong in spite of experiencing the camp 3 altitude challenges. One of his team member had lost his consciousness yesterday just near the tent and fallen hard on his head. Yura said that a team of sherpas went down to bring him to the base camp. The other climbers remained in camp 3 and are planning to start coming up the camp 4 in the morning (our evening tonight).

He said that he is leaving his phone behind, so we will hear from him most likely on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning when his Summit trip will be completed. He is summiting his Thursday morning which should be early Wednesday evening in Chicago.

These 2 days are the hardest days of the whole trip for both us and him. It is when your months of training, all the emotional and mental strength and inner guidance align for the final push through to Summit helping you overcome your limitations, fears and expectations. Truthfully, every day on this trip pushes you beyond what you know, but these last days before the Summit are the hardest. It is the time to to face  the raw power of the mountain and the raw power of who you are as a spiritual being having a spiritual experience called human life. I truly believe that Yura has all it takes to meet this raw power with courage, strength and wisdom to chose his next step.

Blessing to all who are supporting him in his quest.



  1. Yury, you won’t get this until you come back down from the summit but belated best of luck and best of wishes from all your friends at HSBC. Look forward to the presentation!

  2. Svetka, Karlovich
    vse budet OK
    I will come back from London and will call you

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