Posted by: Yury Pritzker | May 20, 2009

5/20/09 From 4 to Summit Today

Lucky us! Yura called at 12 :30 am yesterday from camp 4 on the South Cole. He did take his phone after all. He made it to camp 4 fast and was happy for his personal record of 4:45 instead of  6 hours predicted by Sherpas. He said that he was feeling strong and was first in his team on his way up. His Sherpas were a bit behind carrying the “stuff” and Yura had to figure out where his team’s tents were 🙂

He sounded very optinistic, reporting an amazing close up view of the Summit and being very excited  about his climbing  record: 8000 m! He took his oxygen mask and was breathing well while we were talking. Yura said that the view was breathtaking , the weather looked goog and the sky had just a a few small clowds. Everest felt so close, very close, as never before!

After a short rest, Yura and his Sherpa weree going to start the Summit climb at about 9 pm their time in order to reach the Summit their  at about 4-6 am their early morning tomorrow which is our early evening today!




  1. He is really close!
    Good luck and good weather!!!

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